The Best Films From 2008-16

2008: The Dark Knight – A modern re imagining of the batman story. set in a darker and more realistic world, created by Christopher Nolan

2009: The Hangover – The wolf pack raise a toast in the name of marriage on a rooftop in Vegas.

2010: Inception – Ariadne learns how to build dreams.

2011: Fast Five – Chase scene where Brian and the rest of the team steal the vault.

2012: The Avengers – Ending battle scene in New York City

2013: Man Of Steel – Superman’s first flight

2014: Guardians Of The Galaxy – Opening scene where Peter Quill is kidnapped by aliens after his mother dies.

2015: Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens – Opening scene where the First Order storm troopers kill all the people in a village.

2016: Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice – Lex Luthor is threatening to murder Superman’s mother unless he kills Batman.